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Burnout and your Health

Do you as an executive or senior manager quietly take pride in your ability to work 60+ hour weeks? Are long hours a part of the unwritten code of your company culture? If so, it’s not the market, or this project, or being understaffed, or the board – it’s you becoming addicted to work.

We all occasionally feel a decline in motivation, an inability to focus, a lack of creativity, slow progress, or low energy. However, burnout is chronic and creeps in gradually, like all unhealthy habits. Be warned, if it starts feeling odd going home at seven, that’s a red light.

 Burnout is a slow process and progresses through stages which gives you the opportunity to recognize symptoms and take steps to prevent it.

Am I at risk for burnout?


• Striving for excellence is positive, perfectionism is crippling.
• The pessimist expects the worst, causing stress in everyday situations.
• Being or working with a “Type A” personality creates chronic stress. Two characteristics are time impatience and free-  floating hostility. ‘Type A’s’ are at increased risk for heart disease, depression, anxiety and even suicide.
• Inability to delegate inflates job stress.
• Is your job in conflict with your personality?
• If you don’t believe in your life’s work, it’s tough to put up with the difficulties associated with it.


No down time can lead to burnout. Devoting yourself to 60+ hour work weeks while putting other areas of your life—relationships, hobbies, and exercise—on hold, is a classical high-risk scenario.

In a lifestyle out of balance, activities that relieve stress and sustain you emotionally and spiritually are eliminated in favour of stress-inducing work. If your whole life consists of work without a creative outlet it’s hard to sustain yourself through stressful times.

Prevent burnout through early recognition, contact us to find out how to prevent burnout.