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Executives and managers occasionally see (or feel) the side effects of their professions – stress, burnout and lifestyle diseases – and how these factors influence productivity. Organisations also increasingly realize the value of their human capital, and how neglecting proper maintenance thereof may lead to a loss of knowledge capital and institutional memory.

Does your company have an in-house gym, do wellness days and require that executives attend yearly medical checkups? Does that ensure a healthier workforce? Lack of implementation is often not due to lack of knowledge. Changing your lifestyle does not come naturally.

The answer lies in a DNA based lifestyle programme. Risk profiling can be done in the comfort of your home as part of the Kick-start or Accelerate programmes, tailoring you action plan to your health focus area.

Action plans can often just stay plans – a timeout from the office is often all-important in finding that space where you actually consider real change.

The 3-day Power Break now allows you to profile, plan and implement your health plan of action together with our physician-lead team of dietitians, coaches and exercise scientists – all in one weekend. On top of having a wonderful time, you will enjoy the benefits of the translation of custom health coaching into practical guidelines – that important first step into your new lifestyle.

In contrast to today’s reactive medicine, personalised health is the tailoring of interventions to the individual characteristics of each person.

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