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The Business Case

With increasing globalisation, productivity is now a qualifying factor and not a competitive factor. Despite not featuring on the balance sheet, huge shareholder value resides in human capital. Your people are essential to productivity and competitive advantage. In the new knowledge economy you now have more value embedded in your human capital than in tangibles. Our constant drive to maximise productivity will not be kind to this asset.

In line with a strategy to maintain those tangible assets, you should seek to invest in the maintenance and retention of your high-functioning executives and senior managers. As poor health impacts the bottom line, early recognition and management of ill health of all employees will become integral. Optimal maintenance of the health of key employees will become a pre-requisite for all enterprises striving to create value.

Health maintenance is not a nice-to-have anymore. The ill health or death of skilled employees is costly, negating effective recruitment, training and succession planning.

Personalised health retreats are not only as a good strategy to invest in your human capital, but are also an ideal reward to acknowledge the value that your high-functioning executive and managers add to making your organisation great.

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