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Poor health and burnout lead to lower levels of productivity and functioning, escalating in a loss of knowledge capital and institutional memory, and even an economic downturn for the organisation. This reality increases the value of structured health management programmes for high profilers and their organisations – in fact, such programmes are becoming indispensable.

With Blueprint Health at your side, you have access to a sustainable health portfolio management solution that will ensure that you (and your company) stay on top.

This programme puts you in the care of a lifetime portfolio manager who will manage your health almost in the same way a financial adviser would manage your financial portfolio.

The health portfolio manager’s services:

  • Assisting you with genetic testing and helping you to understand the results, as this will be the foundation of your programme
  • Keeping a record and managing your health status
  • Regularly co-evaluating the progress regarding your health as well as your aspired lifestyle
  • Being your reliable partner in advising you on the best healthcare specialists in various fields
  • Acting as your source of information and adviser on the lastest developments and offerings in the jungle of healthcare services
  • Reminding you of regular health checkups, vaccinations, etc.

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