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Staff health means company wealth

It’s no secret that a healthy and happy employee is far more likely to be a productive, committed and creative member of your company. So, it should stand to reason that the well-being of your staff directly impacts your company’s bottom line. The question is: are you doing all you can to capitalise on this?

Integrated Wellness @ Work

Lifestyle Management Consultants (LMC) understand that a company’s employees are its most valuable asset and that the key to a truly successful business is one which addresses its staff’s emotional, physical, medical and even dietary needs.

LMC consists of a team of experienced professionals in the fields of nutrition, physical training and psychology who are trained to analyse and assess your staff’s general well-being and implement measures to address whatever problems may exist.

From improving your workforce’s motivation and reducing stress levels (which often affects absenteeism) to offering practical ways to exercise during working hours as well as how to maintain a healthy diet despite numerous business engagements, LMC will visit your offices and draw up a practical plan on how to improve the wellness of your staff.

A key focus area is on implementing effective interventions that will reduce your staff’s risk of contracting serious ailments that are often preventable. Afflictions such as diabetes, obesity, coronary heart disease and even strokes can often be avoided by addressing basic lifestyle issues.

By concentrating on certain fundamental needs within your organisation, LMC believe they can re-invigorate your workforce and help create a team that is healthy, motivated and passionate about its work.

It’s simple really, if you invest in your staff your company will reap the rewards.

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