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Case study

The client

John* is a 40-year-old accountant whose job does not entail a lot of moving around.

Because his father had died at a fairly young age and and John himself received treatment for a recent health scare, he decided to take up Blueprint Health’s services to help him lead a better and healthier lifestyle, adding to his productivity at work and promoting longevity.

He had had quite a tough year at work and decided to make use of the Blueprint Health vacation package to take a much needed holiday and simultaneously kickstart his new health programme. John decided on the 7-day package at the luxurious Bushmans Kloof at the foot of the Cederberg Mountains.

After his arrival and welcome, John sat down with his newly appointed Blueprint Health portfolio manager to discuss the results of his genetic test that was done earlier and on which the programme would be based.

The portfolio manager explained the test results to John in easily understandable terms and provided details on how the results would serve as the starting point of his health maintenance plan.

The results

John’s general health information indicated that he was reasonably fit, running 25km per week. He did not smoke and used alcohol in moderation.

According to his health screen there were no signs of diabetes or hypertension and he had a BMI (body mass index) of 24. His cholesterol was 5 ,9 with a -7% Framingham risk score. His homocystein count was 24.

Important to note from his health history, was that John’s father had died at age 40 due to a thrombotic event and John himself had had to receive treatment for deep vein thrombosis at age 37, after a long-haul flight.

Earlier on, he was screened for malignancies and hypercoagability, and the results showed no problems in those areas.

The health professional concluded that the deep vein thrombosis was caused by prolonged immobilisation during the flight. The genetic profiling further showed that John suffered from abnormal folate and clotting metabolism. These conditions contribute to a higher recurrence rate of cardiovascular events. The risks are increased by an unhealthy lifestyle and diet.

In the course of John’s 7-day stay at Bushman’s Kloof, the health portfolio manager offered John a tailor-made health plan that would decrease the health risks identified in the genetic testing.

The plan

John was advised to take up a more comprehensive exercise programme and follow a diet that is high in folate or omega 3 fatty acids. He was told to consume alcohol in moderation and his whole family had to start a healthier diet, as his children would potentially carry the same genes (and health risks).

The Blueprint Health consultant suggested a supplement with omega 3 and folic acid and a diet with increased levels of plant sterols.

Besides gaining valuable information during his health retreat, John was offered a lot of time to relax. He exercised under the supervision of the Blueprint Health trainer and was coached on implementing the health programme in his daily life.

Before his departure, John decided to enter the long-term health management and support programme that was offered. The Blueprint Health team therefore continues to communicate with and coach him regarding his new lifestyle.