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We often seek to implement change in different areas of our life. This might entail all kinds of health-related issues and ambitions like improving your fitness, losing weight, to quit smoking, relaxing or de-stressing and unwinding – just to name a few.

You may be part of the growing number of individuals that are becoming more aware about the value of a pro-active health plan.  If you also love travelling and exploring new and exotic destinations, Blueprint Health has a programme that will suit you – and help you to maintain a better quality of life!

The Blueprint Health team knows that health and wellness is a very individual and personal issue. Many of our ambitions around changing our health habits are often not realised. Lack of knowledge is not always the limiting factor. If it was easy to adopt a new lifestyle, you would probably have done it by now!

A Blueprint Health coach is your ally in planning solutions. By applying the principles of nutrigenomics combined with personal coaching, the team will guide you through the often challenging process of a lifestyle change on a truly individualised basis.

The 7-day Re-treats are designed to match your individual inherited health risks – enabling you to manage your health pro-actively to remain healthy, become healthy or manage your health conditions more constructively.

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