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Personalise health planning can be tailor-made to your very individual risks based on your genes. You can either elect to do a home based programme with telephonic or virtual feedback, or you can incorporate genetic testing into our exquisite health holidays.

Step 1: Choose your Health Focus Areas for DNA testing

Choose from one of six unique health focus areas, including:

  • Manage my Weight – focus on obesity, manage your waist circumference through lifestyle changes
  • Love my Heart – focus on heart disease, stroke, diabetes
  • Cancer Concerns – focus on cancer risk reduction and pro-active programmes for healthy aging
  • Beat Burnout - focus on burnout, increase vitality and resillience
  • Defy Age – focus on anti-aging, Alzheimer’s disease risk reduction and longevity
  • Life in Balance – choose your own combination of tests

Step 2: Choose a programme:

You can either choose from two packages that you can participate in from your home or office, 

or you can choose a Health Holiday at a luxury venue.  A unique health plan based on your elected Health Focus Area will be designed:

The Process

A sputum (saliva) sample is all that is needed for DNA testing.  Request your test today and choose the health focus area most relevant to you.  Once you have requested a test, a Blueprint Health Doctor will contact you.  No matter where you are in the global village – A test kit with instructions can be couriered to you for sample collection.  Within 2 – 4 weeks your results will be available.

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