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Beat Burnout

Stress becomes imprinted in our cells if we allow it to become chronic.

From time to time, we all feel a decline in motivation, an inability to focus, a lack of creativity, slow progress, or low energy. Burnout is however chronic and often presents with disease, including severe dermatitis (skin inflammation), irritable bowel syndrome, gastritis and heartburn, depression, chronic fatigue or ongoing joint pain.

Those with perfectionist tendencies and type A personalities are more at risk. While tests for personality profile are not available (yet), this focus area defines the body’s heightened state of arousal as part of ongoing and accelerated inflammation – the underlying process in all these conditions.

Burnout management begins with identifying weaknesses in the body’s principle defence mechanisms, matching those to your lifestyle and planning to optimize resilience through lifestyle change.

The test

The focus is entirely on inflammation and the prevention thereof.
• The MTHFR pathway
• Inflammation (IL6 / TNFa)
• detoxification (ability to protect against free radical injury) (MnSOD / GSTT / GSTM)
• High blood pressure (GNB3) & Diabetogenic DNA (PPARg / TNFa )

Beat stress and burnout

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