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Maintaining a lifestyle in sync with your DNA is your best investment in wellness and longevity. In contrast to today’s reactive medicine, personalised health is the tailoring of your lifestyle to your individual DNA.

Genetic risks for chronic conditions like heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and some forms of cancer are passed on from your parents. Most of these late onset diseases can be prevented or better managed when you know your DNA.

We now know that at least 80% of all chronic diseases are a combination of nature (DNA) and nurture (lifestyle). You might carry a risk, but it depends on you triggering that risk through your lifestyle to develop disease. An unhealthy lifestyle thus causes a “gene-environment mismatch”, thereby causing faulty genes turn into disease.

A DNA risk screen allows you an opportunity to tailor your lifestyle to minimise the impact of environment (e.g. diet, smoking, etc) on your genes. While many more genes are still to be identified, the current test combinations can help provide target areas to focus our attention, be it heart health, healthy aging or cancer prevention. 

The test

Life in balance is a combination of all available DNA tests. Knowledge to be pro-active is your best investment in health and wellbeing. The combination will enable you to

• Take precautions before going on a long flight to reduce the risk of traveller’s thrombosis.
• Consider alternatives for contraceptives or hormone therapy to reduce the risk of blood clots or breast cancer.
• Watch red meat and alcohol with iron-related mutations – often found to cause chronic fatigue, heart problems, diabetes, arthritis, impotence and liver or colon cancer.
• Stop smoking, limit alcohol intake or cut saturated fat to reduce the effect of Apo E4 (doubles the risk of Alzheimer’s disease for some)
• Increase the intake of folic acid to prevent inflammation and cancer
• Maximise the intake of anti-oxidants to restore DNA repair (prevents injury that contributes to some cancers)

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