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You inherit the risk for heart attacks and strokes from your parents. By understanding this DNA risk, you can optimise your lifestyle and medication to ensure a healthy heart and brain. This focus area thus aims to prevent or manage heart disease and strokes and conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure that contribute.

9 lifestyle factors cause 90% of first heart attacks or strokes when it triggers at-risk DNA, including:
– Metabolic syndrome (High blood sugar, blood pressure and blood fats )
– Smoking and excessive alcohol intake
– Obesity, inactivity and stress
– Too little fruit and vegetables

With “Love my Heart” you identify at-risk DNA and the potential triggers – allowing you to choose what you want to change.

The test

The test identifies the DNA involved in vascular inflammation including
• Fat metabolism (ApoE)associated with high cholesterol causing an obstruction
• Folate metabolism (MTHFR) causing inflammation and thickening of the wall
• Blood clotting (PAI / FVL / FXIII / fibrinogen)

It also identifies those known changes specifically relevant to heart attack and stroke, including
• Iron overload associated with chronic fatigue, arthritis, diabetes, infertility and liver disease (HFE)

This test distinguishes between those who require long-term medication and people who can manage their risk through lifestyle change.Love My Heart

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