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No two individuals are the same. Physicians learn that repeatedly when standardized diet plans prescribed to different clients don’t always have the desired results.

The one-size-does-not-fit-all DNA tests now help us to design a diet to match your gene profile and nutritional needs. This test option includes state of the art testing, based on the body’s ability to metabolized starches and fats. The test result becomes helpful to pinpoint the most appropriate slimming diet in the context of your medical history and lifestyle. As our knowledge grows about how different combinations of genes affect our metabolism, meal plans will increasingly become more personalized.

Weight loss is not only a physical challenge, but also a mental and emotional challenge. And it is thus not only a matter of calorie counting and exercise. As appetite regulation, mood and reward perception are all functions of brain learning, no weight loss activity will ever be sustainable without brain training.

Successful weight loss begins with knowledge about how to eat to stay in sync with your DNA, while it is sustained through training your brain.

The test 
The test identifies the DNA currently known to be involved in fat metabolism, tendency towards diabetes and hypertension and appetite regulation, including

Weight Management

• Fat metabolism  (ApoE2&4) associated with high cholesterol
• Folate metabolism (MTHFR) contributing to inflammation
•  High blood pressure (GNB3) & Diabetogenic DNA (PPARg / TNFa )
• Appetite control and energy intake (FTO)

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