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A health holiday that will benefit me a lifetime.

“My brother is a diabetic and had heart problems. While on vacation in South Africa, he went to a physician specialising in Internal Medicine who, after diagnosing and treating problems that he had lived with for a long time, told him that most of his problems were accelerated by his lifestyle: He was a smoker, about 10kg overweight and worked in a very stressful environment.

I decided to take a health holiday in Cape Town. The genetic tests that were used to design my unique health plan were done beforehand and on arrival. I was really thankful to learn that I could probably avoid becoming a diabetic by eating healthily, and exercising enough to keep my weight in check.

I enjoyed scrumptious meals, took long walks and attended tai-chi breathing classes at dawn. The beautiful Winelands was probably part of what inspired me to make a new investment in my health”. – Joke M, librarian

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