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Christine focused her health lifestyle on anti-aging principles.

“I have recently turned 45 and, having been a poor pill-taker all my life and therefore being reluctant to take HRT, I really struggled with issues around menopause. I have led a very active and healthy life up to now, but watching my aging parents getting frailer by the day, made me even more conscious of my ambition to ‘age well’.

I read a lot and often find different – and sometimes conflicting – opinions about how to take care of my health. I was looking for a programme that provides me with only what is relevant and practical for me. I decided to go on a health retreat. The “Defy age” package offered at the Bushmans Kloof Resort and Spa, was just what the doctor ordered.

My genetic results allowed me to take really pro-active steps to remain healthy, as I carry the ApoE4 gene which contributes to a high blood cholesterol, thereby adding to my risk of heart disease (my dad had a heart attack) and Alzheimer’s disease.

On top of that, I also found that I should probably avoid hormone replacement, as that tends to trigger the genes involved in clotting. The most valuable part of this experience was the sense of control it gave me over my genetic destiny.
Avoiding alcohol, maintaining my weight, adding some Omega 3 fatty acids and lots of exercise should keep me in good shape”. – Christine J, gym instructor

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