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Tailoring your lifestyle to minimise risk

“I have been an endurance athlete for most of my life and, since turning 60, it has become increasingly important to me to live a healthy lifestyle. My brother died at age 40 of a heart attack and learning that I could carry the same genes that put him at risk motivated me to sign up for the ‘Love my heart’ package.

It was quite extraordinary to discover that I carry a combination of genes that could contribute to not only heart disease and strokes, but also increase my risk of blood clotting if I lead a sedentary lifestyle.

As I was already a non-smoker (which is a good thing, as smoking triggers blood clotting), I became more focused on eating foods that contain all the right nutrients to make my genes work optimally – now I am confident that I’m doing all that is necessary to protect my heart”. – Paul D, cyclist

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