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This professional learned to manage his health risks as pro-actively as he manages his financial risks

“Genetic testing probably saved my life. I had my first ‘ill health’ experience when I was 38. As a businessman back in 2000, I discovered after a long haul flight from Canada to South Africa that I had trouble with my leg when I went for a run. Being fit, I thought it was a muscle injury and nursed the leg a bit.

After two months and no change, I had some tests done which showed I had a deep vein thrombosis – a blood clot stuck in the large vein of my thigh. I went through a battery of tests, and nothing could explain why I had a blood clot at such a young age. I started on aspirin, the standard treatment for keeping blood thin, together with the advice that I should avoid alcohol, drink lots of water and move around the cabin when flying. Despite this, I had another clot in 2007.

The “Life in balance” package proved to have the answers. As part of the Blueprint Health “Sleek city experience”, I learned how to manage my genetic risks. The health coach and I had long discussions about my stressful life, and how I will not only have to purposefully supplement my diet with the necessary protective fish oils and B vitamins, but also learn to live a balanced lifestyle.

The physician also advised me to consider using Warfarin, a powerful drug that keeps your blood thin, as I happen to have five mutations in my genes that all contribute to blood clotting. Now, three years later, I am confident that I’m doing everything I can to maintain my health.

I often wonder how many people fly and develop blood clots without knowing it. It is even worse if they collapse and die on arrival when the clot dislodges and ends up in their lungs. I guess I can count myself lucky”. – Peter W, CA (SA)

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