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Privacy Policy

General use of the Blueprint Health website:

  1. This website provides educational material on the use of genetic information as part of personal health management. It also functions as a forum for providers while interested clients can educate themselves on the value of genetic knowledge and request genetic testing as part of a wellness programme.
  2. Your personal information is not required in order to access the website. Blueprint Health collects non-personal information (browser types, domains, page views) on how you use our website through log files and cookies.
  3. When you provide your electronic mail address, Blueprint Health agrees not to use it in any manner that you do not consent to or alert any other parties of your address without your consent. It is our intention to only send email communications to users who have consented to receive email. These communications will relate to current genetic news and promotional services. You may opt out by following the instructions posted.
  4. Blueprint Health abides by the laws and statutes of the Republic of South Africa and reserves the right to disclose personally identifying or aggregate information in connection with a subpoena or other court-sanctioned demand for such information.
  5. Blueprint Health is not an advertising subsidised service.
  6. The site contains links to other websites. Blueprint Health is not responsible for their privacy policies or practices. A formal contractual relationship between Blueprint Health and Gknowmix Pty Ltd guides the sharing of private and confidential information for the sole purpose of providing you, the client, with an integrated service.

Collection of genetic information.

  1. This notice provides information on the handling and collecting of personal information. We are committed to provide an environment where your information (including genetic material) is managed in a secure and user-controlled way.
  2. Blueprint Health provides professional health services and as such abides by the ethos of the HPCSA. All practitioners are registered with the council.
  3. Blueprint Health has a strategic partnership with Gknowmix Pty Ltd who provides secure online data aggregation and reporting on genetic information integrated with clinical health parameters. When you select a genetic test as part of a wellness package, we collect and store personal information about you on behalf of Gknowmix Pty Ltd, including Account Information (contact and payment information), Genetic Information (the As, Ts, Cs, and Gs at particular locations in your genome) and clinical information (weight and other health related information).
  4. Information will be provided to you by email and will always involve a registered provider with whom you will be affiliated. This information is needed to provide you with the service you requested.
  5. Your information will not be used for research unless your permission is sought for that purpose.
  6. This site is not for the use of minors. Given the ethical, privacy and informed consent, considerations regarding genetic testing of minors for carrier status of adult-onset genetic disorders, Blueprint Health does not knowingly collect or use information from minors under the age of 18.
  7. Genetic information is not disclosed to any parties (including health insurers). Disclosure of such information is the sole responsibility of the client when bound by contractual arrangements between him/herself and an insurer.

Your Choices

  1. Participation in activities and services that involve personal information beyond initial account and Genetic Information is voluntary and permission-based.
  2. It is entirely within your discretion to provide information or answer survey questions.
  3. Participation in blogs or other forms of social media with the intent to share knowledge is at your discretion.
  4. You can choose to have your personal details erased from the database by mailing