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Assisting individuals, teams and organisations to better understand and improve the way they behave and function.

About Psychology at work

As behavioural and assessment specialists within the field of psychology, our ethical responsibility is to protect all parties from harm whilst empowering clients to make the best choices for themselves.

  • Our interventions and services range from individual assessment through to organisational strategic planning and change management programmes. All our processes are based on proven psychological principles and international best practice.
  • We design workshops and interventions that are easy to understand so that people can apply their learning to their environment and sustain their desired changes.
  • Our approach is open and direct to motivate change, but light-hearted enough to generate energy.
Assessment Services Facilitated Processes Custom Designed Processes
Psychometric Assessment: selection and / or development Interpersonal Intelligence Programme Mind-shift Change Process
360-degree Leadership Assessment: LEF-360 Practical Coaching Workshop Team Excellence Process
Surveys: Organisational Climate Survey; Leadership Culture Survey; Team Snapshot; Management Development Team-Shift Workshop
Call Centre Staff Assessment for selection and / or development Emotional Intelligence Programme

Contact details:
Justine Jackson-Fraser
Behavioural / Change Specialist
082 753 7101

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